Youth WIA

In collaboration with the Midlands Workforce Development Board’s (MWDB) Older and Younger Youth Programs, FSC helps adults develop the skills necessary to begin a promising career.

The Youth Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Program, Success for Life, is a Federally-funded Department of Labor program designed to assist individuals seeking the academic and occupational skills training demanded in today’s competitive job market.

FSC’s Youth Workforce Investment Act, or WIA, is funded by the U.S. Department of Labor and works to assist young individuals (16-21 years old) attain the academic and occupational skills demanded in today’s competitive job market. Services include assistance in earning credentials such as a high school diploma and G.E.D., job training, internshps and job placement.

What are the benefits?
  • Financial assistance with the cost of school, training, books & supplies. *
  • Assistance with academic studies (high school diploma, GED or continuing education). *
  • Goal achievement incentives (cash). *
  • Mentoring, occupational skills traiing and personal development activites: Tutoring, study skills training, leadership development and personal counseling.
  • Job placement assistance, internships, job shadowing and career guidance.
  • Individualized supportive services and other assistance may be available.

* Provision of program services is contingent upon the availability of funding.

Family Service Center of South Carolina is a United Way Partner Agency. Family Service Center’s Youth WIA Program is an Equal Opportunity Employer/Program and does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, age, religion, political affiliation/belief, disability, national origin or ethnic group.

What are the eligibility criteria?
  • Must be a 16 – 21 year-old resident of Richland, Lexington or Fairfield County.
  • Individualed supportive services and other assistance may be available.*
  • Meet one of the following income requirements – below federal household income guidelines, receive food stamps, or receive public assistance.
  • Be one or more of the following – basic skills deficient, disabled, a single parent, pregnant, a school dropout, a juvenile offender, homeless, a Columbia Empowerment Zone resident, a Fairfield County resident, in folster care or have been in foster care.
  • Be committed to finding work, entering training and/or pursuing education.
  • Note – Other eligibility criteria may apply.

 For additional information, you may contact Family Service Center at 803-733-5450 OR e-mail us at

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