Basic Financial Education

From establishing and following a budget to understanding cash flow and income, FSC offers a variety of support services to help you learn more about personal financial management.

We can show you techniques for making sure the bills get paid each month. By looking at your income and expenses, we can help you control unnecessary spending  and establish a sensible budget. FSC can offer additional education and counseling related to credit, debt and bankruptcy.

Cash Flow Management Workshop

This program helps you understand cash flow, and how to effectively manage it.

Topics include:

  • Developing a realistic personal budget on an anticipated income
  • Learning the dynamics of cash flow
  • Setting financial goals
  • Creating a budget
  • Creative ways to save money
  • Using a checking account
  • Making sound financial decisions

3 Steps to Financial Stability

A 3-step approach that helps individuals and families increase their personal income, build savings, and gain and benefit from productive assets, such as a home, post-secondary education, small business development, and/or retirement savings.

Step One Topics – Increasing income by:

  • Learning to budget
  • Fully accessing public and employer benefits
  • Reducing debt and increasing credit ratings
  • Earned Income Tax Credit
  • Seeking workforce development opportunities to enhance job skills

Step Two Topics – Building Savings by:

  • Implementing strategies to increase personal savings
  • Understanding immediate needs vs. long-term financial needs
  • Saving to give flexibility in helping families manage crises

Step Three Topics – Gaining and Sustaining Assets by:

  • Acquiring retirement accounts, homes, or life insurance
  • Acquiring post-secondary education
  • Understanding how assets increase household stability
  • Overview of how assets decrease economic strain
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